Dust Explosion

Committee work

  • Survey and research of dust explosion. Disseminating information of countermeasures against dust explosion
  • Publishing the manual of prevention technique of dust explosion and making the standards of dust explosion

Action plans

  1. Safety education
    The committee is to revise the contents of the course of dust explosion and fire (beginning class and middle class). Change of lecturers and contents is considered.
  • The course of beginner class is held in autumn every year alternatively in Kanto (east Japan) and Kansai (west Japan) areas. In 2019, the course is held in Kanto. A get-together takes place on the first day after the lectures as usual. The contents of lectures will be revised corresponding to the change of lecturers
  • The course of middle class is held in Spring in Kanto (east Japan) every two year. In 2019, the course of middle class will not be held. The contents of middle class lecture will be revised corresponding to the change of lecturers.
  1. Activities associated with APPIE events
    A seminar of dust explosion will be held in POWTEX OSAKA 2019.
  1. Survey of recent trend of regulations and standards.
  • Correspondence to domestic committee of IEC/TC
    Vice- chair of the dust explosion committee, Mr. Yamaguma, participates in the domestic committee of IEC/TC, and gets information of the movement. .
  • Matching the standard of protection structure of dust explosion to IEC.
    Follow-up of the new guideline of explosion protection of industrial electric facilities.
    The committee is to cooperate in survey of international standards and to revise the guide of explosion protection published by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan.
  1. Cooperation with APPIE technical groups