Standard Powders

Committee work

  1. Survey, research and development of standard powders.
  2. Quality control and performance upgrade of standard powders which APPIE produces and sell.

Action plans

  1. Confirming the necessity of revision of JIS Z 8901. Resolving the variance between JIS and specifications of APPIE test powders, particularly the variance of numerical values.
  2. Performing Round-Robin tests for new FSTP test powders, which have been developed for measuring equipment of size distribution of submicron particles. Along with these tests, measurement of uncertainty is to be performed. It is aimed to make the new FSTP be CRM (customer relationship management) by presenting the results in APPIE web-site. Hoping that MBP particles and FSTP particles have CRM covering the size range from 0.09 micron to 100 micron meter and that APPIE will take the leadership in this field.
  3. Survey and research CRT in EU which is a competitor of APPIE.