Food Process

About us

The main subject of the Technical Group of Food Process is “safety and security” that is the basic principle of food production. This group collects the latest technical information about following topics:

  1. Unit operation and cooking for the production of safe food
  2. Management to improve food reliability
  3. New production technologies corresponding to the consumers’ needs
  4. Systems for high-mix low-volume production.

The information obtained from the group activity is offered in easy-to-understand manner to the members.

 Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

Recent technological trends

    1. Mixing, granulation, and coating: Manufacturing technology for high performance powders, technology for fine particle coating, technology for preventing contamination, easy-to clean manufacturing facilities (structure, materials, etc.)
    2. Powder handling: Continuous and batch manufacturing technologies for small-volume, high-mix production, small-volume continuous production systems, technologies for improving production efficiency (efficient pneumatic conveying, high-efficiency cyclones), static electricity control.
    3. Comminution, classification, dust collection, measurement: Particle size control, classification technology that understands material properties (adhesion, electrification, difficult dispersion, etc.), optimization of operating conditions for bag filters, simultaneous measurement technology for multiple physical properties, 3D measurement of particles, online and in-line sensors, detection and sorting of foreign material.
    4. Manufacturing environment, resources, microbial control: Remote manufacturing management technology, Clean room management technology, hygiene management of manufacturing facilities and sites, insect control, dust control technology, odor control and deodorization technology, artificial meat (soybean and cultured) manufacturing and processing technology, insect-derived food materials, waste reduction and recycling, reduction of food loss, handling of microorganisms using powder technology.

Future Prospects

  1. Food manufacturing process innovation using AI: Technologies for collecting and analyzing manufacturing process data and product data, data sharing throughout the supply chain, improving the accuracy of demand forecasting, real-time inventory management and inventory optimization, building efficient automated logistics systems and utilizing digital technologies.
  2. Advanced food defense: TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Point), cyber attack countermeasures.
  3. Expected new manufacturing technologies: Creation of hybrid technologies that combine multiple technologies such as existing technologies and the latest technologies, development of 3-D food printer technologies and their raw materials, construction of advanced gas (environmental gas) and liquid (wastewater) circulation systems (strict removal of unwanted substances and supply of deficient substances) in vegetable and other plant factories and completely closed fish and shellfish farms.


Coordinator Hiroshima University,
Graduate School of Biosphere Science,
Department of Biofunctional Science and Technology
Vice Coordinator Tokyo University SOTOME/Itaru
Representative Organizer NISSHIN SEIFUN GROUP INC. NINOMIYA/Takashi
Vice Representative Organizer NISHIMURA MACHINE WORKS CO., LTD. NISHIMURA/Motoki
Emeritus Organizer APPIE YAMADA/Yukiyoshi