About Us

The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN is a General Incorporated Association which aims to promote the development of powder-related industry through the development and diffusion of industrial technologies relating to powder and to contribute to the improvement of the lives of people and the sound development of the Japanese economy.

For the achievement of this aim, our member corporations which manufacture and market powder machinery and equipment, those which deal with powders such as materials, chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals and mining and those related to powder process technology including constructions and engineering business collaborate with experts from academia and government on the following activities.

  1.  Research and studies on improving of powder technology
  2.  Consulting and funded research on powder technology
  3.  Provision of results of research and studies on powder technology
  4.  Promotion of standardization of powder technology
  5.  Cooperation with internal and external organizations about powder technology
  6.  Holding seminars and lectures on powder technology and implementation of the continuing education of engineers involved in the powder related industries
  7.  Holding of exhibitions for the improvement, development and spread of powder technology
  8.  Producing and selling standard powders for the spread of standardization
  9.  Activities to promote technical exchange and friendship between members
  10.  Other necessary activities to achieve the aims of the association