Nov. 18, 1971 The Council of Powder Process Industry, Japan, is founded as an informal organization with about seventy members in Nagoya.
Oct. 1972 A booth called “Powder Process Machinery and Equipment Corner” is set up for the first time at the Chemical Plant Show.
Mar. 1973 The Classification and Sieving Technical Group is the first technical group to be formed.
Feb. 20, 1974 The name of the organization is changed to the Association of Powder Process Industry, Japan.
Sep. 1976 The first exhibition called POWTEX in cooperation with the Japan Management Association is held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center and has been held every two years since then.
Apr. 1979 The Editorial Committee is formed to supervise a monthly magazine,Powder Science & Engineering.
Oct. 1979 The service departments merge into Technical Center of Powder Technology.
Dec. 1, 1981 The Association becomes a legal corporation approved by Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan, and is registered under the name of The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN.
Apr. 1984 The International Liaison Committee is formed to deal with matters regarding overseas organizations and powder exhibitions in Chicago, USA and Nürnberg, Germany.
May. 1991 The Special Committee for Cooperation with Thai Powder Technology Center (TPTC) is formed to promote powder technology in Thailand. The Committee continued until September 2000.
Jul. 1993 The first POWTEX OSAKA is held at INTEX OSAKA and has been held every other year alternately with POWTEX TOKYO since then.
Nov. 1996 APPIE celebrates its 25th anniversary and publishes the book, 25 Years of the Association.
Aug. 1999 The Battery Manufacturing Technical Group is formed as the first project-oriented technical group.
Dec. 2000 APPIE co-sponsors the first Asian Particle Technology Symposium (APT2000) in Bangkok, organized by The Society of Powder Technology, Japan, and TPTC.
Oct. 2003 APPIE receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award of the Industrial Standardization Awards for the contribution to the industrial standardization.
Nov. 2003 APPIE participates in the International Powder/Bulk Conference & Exhibition, Shanghai, hosted by the Chinese Society of Particuology at the invitation of the society, and a visiting group (led by Mr. Akitoshi Meio) is sent to strengthen cooperation with the society.
Oct. 2007 The first APPIE LINKAGE FORUM between Academia, Industry and Government is held at POWTEX OSAKA.
Jan.2009 APPIE publishes FUNTAI GIJUTSU, a monthly magazine, replacingPowder Science & Engineering and APPIE NEWS.
Dec.2010 The exhibition site of POWTEX TOKYO changed to Tokyo Big Sight.
Apr.2011 APPIE becomes a General Incorporated Association approved by the Cabinet Office.
Nov. 2011 APPIE celebrates its 40th anniversary.