Associate Membership of APPIE is open to companies outside of Japan.

Associate members shall be as follows:
1. A corporation engaged in the manufacture or sale of machinery relating to powders.
2. A corporation that manufactures or sells powders or manufactures or sells products using powders.
3. A corporation engaged in the engineering business related to powder
4. Legal entities with expert knowledge and experience in powder manufacturing technology

Member Benefits:
-Discounts on exhibit fee of POWTEX.
-Discounts on standard test powders.
-Opportunity to participate members only meetings*
-Discounts on fees for seminars and training courses*
-Discounts on fees for technical group meetings*
*Japanese language only

Annual membership dues: JPY180,000
Entrance dues: JPY100,000

Membership Application:
To become an associate member, an application form must be submitted.
[Application Form]

Together with the application form, the following documents should be provided.
-Articles of Incorporation
-Copy of Corporate registration

Please return the completed form with above documents to:

*Membership applications will be screened by the entrance review committee.