APPIE 一般財団法人 日本粉体工業技術協会 The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN

Organization Committees

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The following committees perform main activities of APPIE.

General Administration

-Handling of general affairs of APPIE
-Publicity and membership development activities
-Planning, creation, management and maintenance of APPIE website

Organization Strengthening

-Planning and implementation of measures for membership growth and retention

Technical Supervising

-Support the AI Technical committee
-Address technical issues common to both organization and technical committees

Al Technical

-Obtain information and knowledge on the use of AI and IoT in the powder process and the latest digital technologies
-Encourage member companies to adopt digital technologies


-Editing and publishing the APPIE monthly magazine Funtai Gijutsu (Powder Technology)

Award Recommendation

-Review and recommend the nominees of the various APPIE awards, individual members, emeritus individual members and APPIE Friends to the Board of Directors


-Supervise the committees of Tokyo and Osaka exhibition

Tokyo Exhibition

-Plan and implement the Tokyo Exhibition
-Edit and publish Funtai Gijutsu Souran (Powder Technology overview)

Osaka Exhibition

-Plan and implement the Osaka Exhibition

Technical Committee Supervising

-Oversee the operating policies of the sub-committees
-Deliberate on plans for new subcommittees, consolidation and elimination of sub-committees, and implementation plans

International Liaison

-Disseminate activities of APPIE to overseas and to collect and provide information on overseas powder technology to members
-Planning and implementation of overseas exchange programs

Human Resources

-Develop and implement a human resource development plan for the powder related industry
-Dissemination of powder technology to employees of powder-related companies

Standard Powders

-Research, study and development of standard powders to be handled by APPIE
-To maintain the quality and improve the performance of standard powders distributed by APPIE

Standard (ISO, JIS, SAP)

-Particle Characterization
-Sieve and Sieving
-Dust Collection Technology
-Drafting JIS

Dust Explosion

-Investigation, research, and dissemination of countermeasure technologies for dust explosions
-Preparation of dust explosion prevention techniques, guidelines, standards