APPIE 一般財団法人 日本粉体工業技術協会 The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN

Technical Center of Powder Technology

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The following three divisions are formed in the Technical Center of Powder Technology. The Education Division offers a variety of seminars and training courses on powders as part of its lifelong education programs. The Manufacturing Division is engaged in the dissemination and distribution of standard powders and other activities to meet the needs of the industry. The Industrial-Academic Collaboration Division provides technical consultation and technical exchange programs on powder technology in general.

Education Division

The education division plans and operates the following courses in cooperation with the Society of Powder Technology, Japan: Powder Engineer Training course, Introductory course on Powder Technology, Introduction course on Dust Explosion and Fire Safety.

Standard Powders Division (Test Powders)

APPIE distributes the Test Powders (Dust): JIS Test Powders, SAP Test Powders, E-Test Dust, Certified Reference Material.

Industrial-Academic Collaboration Division

The industrial-academic-collaboration division manages the following events to promote the information exchange, technology exchange and joint research between the cooperate engineers in powder-related industries and academic experts in related academic and government fields.