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17 April 2023

New! Office Close Notice

Dear valued customers,

Please be informed our office will be closed for 10 days from April 27, 2024 to May 6, 2024 for the Golden Week Holidays.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

6 December 2022

Notice of Changes to Price for JIS Test Powders

Dear valued customers,

Due to the recent drastic increase in material and production cost, we must unfortunately raise the price of our products.
This is not an across-the-board increase but the overall increase will be average about 15%.
New price will be applied from the orders reaching us from 1st January 2023 Japan time.
Thank you for your understanding the necessity for this price increase.

Manager of Technical Center of Powder Technology
Hisao Makino

New Price List

1 June 2016

About providing SDS and hazardous labels

Dear valued customers,

From June 1, 2016, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act, applicable products containing specified chemical substances or those exceeding the specified content will be labeled the bottle hazardous labels and SDS will be Attached.

Please Check “Products labeled with hazardous label” for applicable products.

Products labeled with hazardous substances label

Other than the applicable products are not attached SDS with the products, so if you need it, please request us by email.

Our email address is

If you contact us, please include the reason why you need SDS.